• Ayurvedic Treatments

    Individual Ayurvedic program based on your personal constitution and state of wellbeing. Includes purification protocols.  


    Sirodhara (Oil Scalp Treatment)

    This unique therapy features warm oil continuously and rhythmically poured on the forehead. Developed thousands of years ago by the sages of Ayurveda, it is currently enjoying a vogue amidst deluxe Health Spas and cutting-edge therapy givers. 

    Shirodhara alleviates excess Vata, mental stress and nervous tension, enhances circulation in the brain, improves memory, nourishes the hair, provides sound sleep and calms the body and mind. 


    The quality and effectiveness of a Shirodhara treatment depend largely on the quality and characteristics of the oil used. Massage therapists in America have customarily paid little attention to the nutritional and medicinal capabilities of oils, yet inappropriate oils will severely limit the benefits of a Shirodhara. 

    There are several oils (Thailams) which are specifically indicated for Shirodhara. According to the Ayurvedic Texts, Dhanwantharam, Chandanadi, Ksheerabala, Bala, Mahanarayana, and Prabhanjanam are all outstanding Shirodhara oils. Which one is used depends upon the constitution of the patient and the desired effects.

    Samvahana (Massage)

    Two classically trained therapists anoint you with potent herbal oil, and working in synchronized movements, preforms a vigorous and deeply satisfying massage. As an indispensable preliminary to the Ayurvedic purification therapy known as Panchakarma, Abhyanga with medicated oils induces the tissues to expel toxins and enhances their secretions. It lubricates and protects the tissues, pacifies and nourishes Vata and removes obstructions in the channels.


    Additionally, many health-conscious people are utilizing Ayurvedic self-massage as part of their daily routine. Often this is performed in the morning upon rising. The appropriate oil is selected and ideally, the oil is heated to slightly warmer than body temperature. It is then applied to the entire body, or to specific areas of attention. Strokes should be towards the poles of the body and circular at the joints, not across. The oil can either be left on, or washed off (after being allowed at least half an hour to absorb into the body.) A steam treatment or hot bath following the Abhyanga will magnify its effects, although in some cases heat treatment may be contra-indicated. Followed by a detoxifying steam bath in our traditional rosewood steamer. Sublime!

    Pizhichil (Oil Bath)

    In a synchronized fashion, two therapists continuously bathe your entire body with warm herbal oil. In Shirodhara, warm oil is continuously poured on the forehead, while in Pizichil the treatment is expanded to the entire body. This rhythmic bathing of the body in warm oil induces sweating, or swedana. The effects of a Pizichil are twofold: while eliminating impurities the pores of the skin are also opened to receive the nutrients of the herbs and oils. The result is a profound sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. Pizichil also addresses exhaustion, muscular aches and strains.

    Udwartanam (Powder Massage)

    Utilizing the Ayurvedic formula, Triphala, and herbal paste is blending and massaged onto your body by two therapists using synchronized movements. The repeated motions over the hair follicles and skin tissue promote the breakdown of fatty deposits. Very stimulating!

    Abhyangam (Medicated Oil Massage)


    Application of oil over body while gentle pressure is applied. It prevents Aging, Fatigue and effective in treating Degenerative Arthritis, Emaciation, Low Back Ache, Sprain, Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis

    Valuka Swedam (Sudation with Sand)


    Dry type of sudation in which sand is used to enhance sudation. Effective in Rheumatic Fever, Plantar Fascitis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis etc.

    Choorna Pinda Swedam (Sudation with Medicated Powder)

    Dry / snigdha type of sudation in which medicated powders are used to enhance sudation. Effective in Arthritis, Sciatica, Neurological Disorders, etc.

    Choorna Pinda Swedam (Sudation with Medicated Powder)

    Snigdha type of sudation in which medicated leaves & powders are used to enhance sudation. It relieves low back ache, muscle cramps, joint disorders, etc.

    Jambeera Pinda Swedam (Sudation with Jambeera)

    Snigdha type of sudation in which Jambeera Fruits & Powders are used to enhance sudation. Effective in Frozen Shoulder, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Plantar Fascitisy, Obesity, etc.